Ballantrae: Strategic & Financial Consulting

CEO Quiz

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, Ballantrae can help:

  • Do you need high-level CFO help but can’t afford the FTE?
  • Is your business burning too much cash? Are you worried about sacrificing long-term growth in reducing your burn?
  • Do you wonder whether it would be best for your business to raise equity or borrow on a debt facility – but you’re not sure how to do either?
  • Are you stressed over managing and closing a preferred stock financing?
  • Are you concerned that you don’t have a business plan that gets you to a “self-sufficient state” of being cash flow positive?
  • Are you frustrated because you don’t have visibility into your key business drivers?
  • Are you considering purchasing, merging or partnering with another company but aren’t sure how to determine its financial strength?
  • Are you required to have an audit but don’t know how to prepare for it or manage the process?
  • Do you want your management staff or employees to have a stronger financial education, especially with respect to managing departmental budgets?
  • Are you unsure how to best communicate with your board or investors?
  • Would you like your CFO or other financial staff to have an experienced mentor or coach?
  • Are you frustrated by how your board meetings go?
  • Do you need a financial expert on your board?