Ballantrae: Strategic & Financial Consulting


Diane did a great job for us at GoAhead helping us prepare for our annual budgeting board meeting. She has deep financial expertise, but she also asked a number of insightful questions to help us think through the business implications of our financial decisions. She's a pleasure to work with: honest, sincere, and straightforward in her communications. A real trusted advisor. I'd hire her again in a nanosecond.”

Jim Ewel, CEO, GoAhead Software


Diane is the first financial professional I’ve known who is both squeaky clean and creative – and that leads to success with confidence.”

Dan Gerrity, Co-founder and Chairman, Naverus and former CEO, Coinstar


Diane thinks strategically and creatively but from a strong, disciplined financial perspective. Understanding the business issues first allows her to quickly draw on past experience, apply that knowledge to the current situation and suggest real solutions.”

Rich Stillman, former President, Coinstar


Diane is a steady voice of reason – experienced and understanding – who could be relied upon to give sober assessments of our circumstances.”

Clayton Wood, former COO, Naverus


Critical and strategic thinking about the business as a whole enables Diane to make the greatest positive impact on our business.”

Norin Crawford, VP of Direct Marketing, Bag Borrow or Steal


Diane is a collaborative, insightful and intuitive business partner.”

Jodi Watson, Former CMO, Bag Borrow or Steal